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Physical Security


Target Vulnerability Assessments

As part of our vulnerability assessment services, we identify and prioritizing (or rank) the vulnerabilities, or the absense of safeguards, in a target facility along with recommendations for remediating flaws.

  • Facility Security Assessments

  • Residential Security Assessments

  • Route Security Assessments

  • Advance Security Assessments


Penetration Testing

Differing from the traditional target analysis, our penetration testing service is an active "assault" against the target facility to validate the effectiveness of the physical security controls in place.


Physical Security Training

We offer a number of standard training programs, all of which can be tailored for your specific needs

  • Threat and Risk Assessment Training

  • Advance Work

  • Security Driving

  • Protective Defensive Tactics

  • Physical Security for High Risk Personnel

  • Close Protection


Security Transportation


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