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Fundamentals of Personal Protection for the Single Protector

The "Fundamentals of Personal Protection for the Solo Protector" is a three day course designed to equip individuals with the essential knowledge and skills required to serve as effective single protectors. In an ever-evolving world, personal safety and security have become paramount concerns for individuals in various contexts. This comprehensive training program will delve into the core concepts of personal protection, enabling participants to confidently assume the role of a single protector and safeguard themselves or their clients.

Course Outline:

Understanding the Role of the Single Protector:

  • Definition of a single protector

  • Responsibilities and expectations

  • Legal and ethical considerations

Single Protection Mindset and Presentation:

  • Developing a proactive and vigilant mindset

  • Effective communication and de-escalation techniques

  • Personal appearance, demeanor, and professionalism

Physical Security Fundamentals:

  • Principles of secure environments

  • Access control and perimeter protection

  • Threat mitigation through environmental design

Target and Threat Assessments:

  • Identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities

  • Risk assessment methodologies

  • Creating threat profiles and risk matrices

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT):

  • Gathering and analyzing publicly available information

  • Assessing online presence and potential risks

  • Utilizing OSINT tools for proactive protection

Advance Work:

  • Preparing for upcoming events or movements

  • Reconnaissance and site assessments

  • Liaising with relevant parties for seamless protection

Managing Third Party Services:

  • Coordinating with external security and service providers

  • Vendor vetting and collaboration

  • Ensuring a unified protection strategy

Route Planning:

  • Safe and efficient travel route selection

  • Alternate route considerations

  • Navigation tools and technology

Unarmed Third Party Protective Tactics:

  • Close protection techniques without weaponry

  • Body positioning, movement, and escorting

  • Responding to potential threats in non-lethal ways

Emergency Critical Care and Crisis Management:

  • Basic first aid and emergency medical response

  • Creating emergency action plans

  • Managing crisis situations under pressure

Participants will engage in a dynamic learning experience through a combination of theoretical instruction, practical exercises, case studies, and scenario-based simulations. Expert instructors with real-world experience in personal protection will guide participants in developing the necessary skills to assess risks, make informed decisions, and respond effectively to various situations.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will possess a strong foundation in the fundamentals of personal protection for solo protectors, enabling them to enhance personal safety or provide expert protection to clients in a single-protector capacity.

$950 per student - group and corporate discounts are available.

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