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Fundamentals of Vulnerability Assessments using CARVER

The "Fundamentals of Vulnerability Assessments using CARVER" training is a one day comprehensive and practical program designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to conduct effective vulnerability assessments using the CARVER matrix methodology. CARVER, which stands for Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effect, and Recognizability, is a systematic approach widely utilized in security and risk management to assess vulnerabilities and prioritize potential threats in various domains such as infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, and risk analysis.

In this training, participants will delve into the core concepts of the CARVER methodology and understand how to apply it to real-world scenarios. The course will cover the following key topics:

Introduction to Vulnerability Assessments:

  • Understand the significance of vulnerability assessments in identifying weaknesses and potential threats.

  • Explore the different types of vulnerabilities in various contexts, including physical security and cyber threats.

Overview of the CARVER Methodology:

  • Learn the six dimensions of the CARVER matrix and how each contributes to vulnerability assessment.

  • Discover how to prioritize vulnerabilities based on their potential impact and likelihood.

Criticality Assessment (C):

  • Learn how to determine the critical assets and components within a system or process.

  • Understand the importance of evaluating the impact of potential threats on critical elements.

Accessibility Assessment (A):

  • Explore methods for assessing how accessible vulnerable points are to potential threats.

  • Identify factors that affect accessibility and their influence on risk assessment.

Recuperability Assessment (R):

  • Understand the ability of a system or process to recover after a disruptive event.

  • Learn how to gauge the time, resources, and efforts required for recuperation.

Vulnerability Assessment (V):

  • Discover techniques for identifying vulnerabilities within critical assets and systems.

  • Learn how to analyze potential weaknesses and their exploitability.

Effect Assessment (E):

  • Understand the potential consequences of successful threats and attacks.

  • Explore methodologies for assessing the magnitude of impact on critical elements.

Recognizability Assessment (R):

  • Learn how to assess the likelihood that potential threats will recognize vulnerabilities.

  • Understand the role of human factors and situational awareness in threat recognition.

Practical Application and Case Studies:

  • Engage in hands-on exercises and case studies to apply the CARVER methodology.

  • Analyze real-world scenarios and prioritize vulnerabilities based on the CARVER dimensions.

By the end of this training, participants will have a solid understanding of how to perform vulnerability assessments using the CARVER methodology, enabling them to make informed decisions to mitigate risks and enhance security measures. Whether you're involved in infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, or risk management, this training provides a foundational framework for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in a systematic and effective manner.

$350 per student - group and corporate discounts are available.

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